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Revolutionary Ryder Club

A limited time offer for the YXE community to be a part of the Revolution. The Revolutionary Ryders will receive ongoing private promotions, a 20 Ryde Package ($225 value), Ryde Purist water bottle ($12 value), Pearl Izumi All Road III Shoes ($130), SPD cleats ($28), additional 5 Rydes ($75 value), and an exclusive spot in the Ryde YXE launch… the first class ever, February 5, 2016 @7pm! Complete with food and drinks post class…and don’t forget the bragging rights!

Revolutionary Ryder Club membership is now FULL and no longer available to purchase.



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RYDE City Park

741 7th Ave N
Saskatoon, SK S7K 2V3
p: (306) 477-7633


#140 1804 McOrmond Dr
Saskatoon, SK, S7S 0A6
p: (306) 477-7933