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Hand sanitizer available and high sanitation cleaning standards remain in place

The cancellation policy has been updated to 6 hours prior to class start time

The water station will be open and bottles of water are available for purchase

Clothing sales will be permitted before and after class

If you have multiple packages at the time of booking (ex. 10 Rydes plus 1 month unlimited) make sure to select the unlimited package when reserving your spot

Thank you once again for your patience as we continue to move through these times with safety measures and carefully executed plans in place. We are grateful for the Ryde community and look forward to continuing to press forward with your support.

-The Ryde Team

RYDE City Park

741 7th Ave N
Saskatoon, SK S7K 2V3
p: (306) 477-7633


#140 1804 McOrmond Dr
Saskatoon, SK, S7S 0A6
p: (306) 477-7933