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Our Commitment To Your Safety

We are all very excited to connect with our community,
even if it’s from a distance.

Here is what you should know prior to attending a class…

Booking Classes – All classes will be available to book online as of midnight, one week in advance. The entire schedule is available to view online ahead of time. Please only book classes that you intend on attending as space is limited. Unlimited packages can book a maximum of 7 Rydes per week.

New Ryders – Please make sure you arrive a minimum of 5 min before class to enter with the group. Upon arrival advise staff of your shoe size. The instructor will then go through bike set up with you from their bike on the podium and allow you to set up your own bike within your space.

Unlimited Packages – If you purchase a ‘new’ unlimited package, it will be activated upon purchase. If you have a pre-existing ‘suspended’ unlimited package please email us at to request reactivation. Any profiles with ‘suspended unlimited packages’ will remain completely frozen until the suspension request has been lifted. This is due to the core design of the software and unfortunately, we’re unable to override this function.

We recognize that some of you may not be able to attend throughout the summer, so please email us anytime from now until the 31st of Aug 2020 to reactivate your account. As of the 1st of September 2020, all remaining unlimited accounts will be reactivated.

Class Times – We’ve adjusted our class formats to refrain from using weights in order to limit touch surfaces within our studio, therefore our classes will be 45 minutes in length. We’ve also adjusted the start times for each class so please double-check your bookings!

When You  Arrive – Please arrive at least 5 min before class time and wait outside or in your vehicle if the weather is not permitting. 5 min prior to start time you will be guided into the studio. If you are not present at this 5 minute entry time, we will replace your spot with a Ryder from the waitlist and you will be charged for a late cancellation.

Ryders will take their shoes off at the door and be guided into the studio while maintaining social distancing. Hand sanitizer will be provided and you will be ushered to your bike where your shoes will be waiting for you. Please keep all belongings with you including your outdoor shoes and store them by your bike. Lockers will not be available.

At the conclusion of class, we would love to stay and visit but ask that everyone promptly retrieves their belongings and proceeds to the appointed exit as directed by our staff.

Late Cancellation – Due to very limited bikes, our cancellation policy will be extending to 8 hours, so please only book a bike that you intend to use. If you are not able to attend a class, we ask that you late cancel yourself rather than simply not showing up in order to allow someone else to possibly take your place in class.

If you have any symptoms in relation to Covid-19 please call us directly to cancel your class at no charge. However, we do ask that you refrain from attending class for 14 days after this incident to ensure that you are virus-free prior to attending. Accounts will be temporarily suspended for 14 days to keep in line with the government guidelines of self-monitoring and self-isolation.
Purchasing Packages and Clothing – We kindly ask that all packages and clothing be purchased online at this time. Our clothing catalog can be viewed through the link on our Instagram or website and orders can be made through you will then be able to pick up your items at your next class!

Student Discount – Proof of enrolments such as registration confirmation emails or tuition proof of payment receipts can be emailed to to request a remote purchase with the student discount. Please make sure you have valid credit card information/billing details saved to your profile and specify the package denomination you would like to purchase.

Water/Socks/Towels – Please bring your own sweat towel, socks, and a full water bottle with you to class. Our water filling station will not be available to limit touch surfaces. However, if you require additional water we will have water bottles for purchase. Additionally, if you forget socks or a towel you may also purchase them for $3 each. Please have an active credit card saved to your file to complete these sales.

Cleaning Standards – In addition to the revised traffic flow plan and limiting surface contact, our staff will be following heightened cleaning and sanitization protocols. Our team will be wearing PPE where required and hospital grade disinfect will be used to thoroughly sanitize surfaces. All bikes and high-touch surfaces will be disinfected after every class and cycling shoes will be sprayed with disinfectant after each use.

Coming soon – Electrostatic sanitizing devices will be used to distribute hospital-grade/non-toxic disinfectant ‘Benefect’ as an additional precaution. This new technology sprays the disinfectant evenly with microparticles which cling to surfaces, allowing for more efficient sanitizing of large areas.

Washrooms – One washroom will be available for emergency use only.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation as we navigate through these new phases.

See you soon!

RYDE Broadway

705 Broadway Ave,
Saskatoon, SK S7N1B3
p: (306) 477-RYDE(7933)

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Saskatoon, SK S7K 2V3
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RYDE Warehouse

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