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New To Ryde

Ryde YXE

At Ryde YXE we all belong. From the beginner looking to make a lifestyle change to the advanced athlete, your Ryde is for you. With the ability to control your own intensity you can work at your own safe pace while striving to reach and surpass your goals.

What should I know before my first class?

The energy will be high, the music will be loud and the positivity endless. Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the class start time with your gym attire and a water bottle and we will take care of the rest! Our staff will be happy to help you properly set up your bike and answer all of your questions. We provide cycling shoes, towels and toiletries!

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RYDE City Park

741 7th Ave N
Saskatoon, SK S7K 2V3
p: (306) 477-7633


#140 1804 McOrmond Dr
Saskatoon, SK, S7S 0A6
p: (306) 477-7933