RYDE YXE it’s not the destination, it’s the RYDE.

RYDE YXE is Saskatoon’s dedicated indoor cycling studio located in the heart of YXE at 705 Broadway Ave. We are built on passion, positivity and love for everything local.

Live YXE. Love YXE. Ryde YXE.

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  • Ryde Tribe Spotlight ~
As a personal trainer and figure competitor, training and cardio are a huge part of the gig. However, when training shifts from being a passion to “work” it is often challenging to stay motivated.
Up until June of this year I had prepped for shows for 17 months with only a two month break from vigorous training and strict dieting. I was tired and left feeling unmotivated to train. I lost the fire so to speak. Both my body and spirit needed a change. A client, and dear friend of mine, challenged me to try Ryde for the summer.
My first Ryde was July 7th and on Wednesday November 8th I rode my 100th Ryde. From my first time in the saddle, I quickly became addicted to being completely out of my element. Initially I accepted the challenge to step out of my comfort zone and join Ryde with physical expectations, what I discovered was so much more than that. The environment is so positive and inspiring that it makes waking up at 430 for a 530 class while the rest of the world is sleeping a pleasure.
In fact, the days where I rest or can’t make it, I feel like something is missing. In the studio, I am present. I become one with the energy that fills that room. I often catch myself smiling or getting goosebumps when we all move as one and I can feel myself let go of any outside negativity. I can sincerely say that it is just as emotionally rewarding as it is physically. 
Ryde is a community that I am so proud to be a part of and as I approach my preparations for my shows in 2018, I can actually say that I look forward to doing my cardio.
Thank you to everyone at the studio for all that you do! You’ve all warmed this bodybuilders heart in one shape or another and rekindled the fire that had lost its spark. Everyday I Ryde, I feel blessed to walk away with new perspectives and to look at life a little differently. Ya’ll are amazing!! ~ Jess F
  • Find your silence. Show your gratitude. Embrace your freedom. 
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  • Thank you for all of the support Ryde Tribe! To celebrate we are giving away two 5 Ryde cards and tank tops! To enter: tag someone who has not been to Ryde yet, make sure you both follow us and enter as many times as you want! Winners will be selected Friday at midnight! Good luck!
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  • Squads that slay together stay together. 
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RYDE YXE - Indoor Cycling Studio

705 Broadway Ave,
Saskatoon, SK S7N1B3
p:(306) 477-RYDE(7933) | E:info@rydeyxe.ca